January 12, 2017

Braun Series 7 799cc Electric Shaver Review

Braun series 7 electric shavers should be your best option when looking for a shaver. It is true that they are not as powerful as the classy Braun Series 9 shavers. What is worth noting though is that the series 9 shavers come with a hefty price tag. If you are looking to minimize on cost, you will probably opt for the series 5 shavers, which are considerably less expensive.

A brief comparison between the series 7 and the series 5 shavers will reveal that the series 7 shavers clearly outshine the series 5 shavers but the difference in price is very small. Therefore, to get the best Braun shaver without spending too much, the Braun series 7 799cc is the way to go.


Braun Series 7The Braun series 7 shavers have quite similar features although the performance differs with every machine. Nevertheless, you should expect the best when it comes to the series 7’s performance. Some of the features of the Braun series 7 799cc shaver include:

Movable shaving head – Braun shavers really take maneuverability seriously and they do the best to ensure that you do not struggle to shave those hard to reach places. With this in mind, the Braun 790cc comes with a pivoting shaving head that maximizes skin contact and follows the contours of your face. This will make your shave thorough and comfortable, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Personalization – Like the rest of the series 7 shavers, the braun series 7 799cc comes with the option of choosing between three modes to suit your beard thickness. You can easily switch between Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive modes depending to the thickness of your facial hair or even the sensitivity of your skin.

Intelligent Sonic Technology – This feature, which is a trademark of Braun shavers, gives 10,000 micro vibrations per stroke, enabling you to shave more hair and increasing the comfort greatly.

Triple-action cutting system with Active Lift – This technology not only provides a smoother shave but also allows a closer one. Active Lift technology lifts hairs that lie against the skin, making them easier to cut.

Flexible, specially designed cutting elements – The Braun cutting pieces are engineered to get as close to the skin as possible. They are also very flexible in order to adapt to the skin’s contours, cutting more hair with every stroke.

Precision trimmer – Don’t you just hate it when you get an uneven trim when shaving your moustache or sideburns? With the series 7 precision trimmer, this is problem addressed quite efficiently. The long-hair trimmer’s pops out and to use it, simply slide it upwards.

Cordless for maximum portability – The Braun series 7 799cc is operated cordlessly, making it easier to move around.

Braun Series 7 799ccClean and Charge station – As with the other series 7 shavers, the Braun 799cc comes with an easy to use cleaning station with the world’s only alcohol based cleaning solution. The station is capable of cleaning, charging and lubricating your shaver automatically once it is docked. Manual cleaning might also work but if you want your blade properly sanitized after each shave, the Clean & Charge station will have you covered.

Battery life – The series 7 only take one hour to fully charge. It also comes with a Smart Plug, which makes it possible for you to charge on the go and to adjust the voltage as you need. In addition, a sleek display will allow you to see the health status of the shaver, including the remaining battery and the hygiene status of the shaver.

Wet & Dry technology – Last but certainly not least, the braun series 7 799cc is fully waterproof and therefore you can shave under the shower or using shaving gels and lotions.


Straight off the mark, you will notice the similarities between the 799cc and the 790cc. It is evident that although most of the features are similar, the 799cc is a clear upgrade of the 790cc. The braun 799cc is a wet and dry shaver, which means you can use gel while shaving to get that smoother, closer finish.

This does not mean that the braun 799cc cannot perform a wet shave. It is fully washable under running water. However, the 790cc is not designed for shaving in wet conditions. It is not waterproof like the 799cc that is completely submersible. Therefore, using it for a wet shave definitely means running the risk of destroying your machine. So if you get irritated skin when dry shaving, you should opt for the 799cc.

Braun Series 7 799cc-6The braun 799cc also has a smaller head. To those who have struggled with visibility while trimming their moustaches, this will come as welcome news to you. The smaller head not only enables you to see what you are doing but it also makes it easier to reach tight places. Some might say that this is actually a minus since you cover less surface area per stroke. It really depends on what is more important to you.

The clean cycle of the Braun’s cleaning system is notably shorter, taking just a few minutes as opposed to the 10-15 minutes shavers such as Panasonic might offer. The drying cycle, surprisingly, is completely silenced. No more disruption of sleep due to the noisy cleaning cycles.

Many will find the wet shave feature a huge bonus. Dry shaving can be irritating to the skin and the shave might not necessarily be as smooth.

The series 7 cartridge heads are notably more durable and are cheaper to replace.

The smooth glossy back of the 799cc makes it easier to clean, especially when getting rid of suds and hairs, compared to the rubber back of the braun 799cc.


It is a cordless shaver, which cannot work while charging. Before you write it off though, consider the fact that this is mainly because of safety reasons. Being a wet and dry shaver, you might be tempted to use it in the shower or under running water, while it is still plugged. This will not end well for anyone. In a way, this might be a very well thought out safety measure. Then again, not everyone will be pleased when it goes off in the middle of shaving.

The cleaning station cartridges cost almost twice as much as those of Panasonic. You will have to dig deeper but note that Panasonic cartridges only work with distilled water in the cleaning solution. Nevertheless, the cartridges will do a better job sanitizing your shaver.

The braun series 7 799cc electric shaver is an all round great shaver. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the shave or with the price attached to this classy machine. It is definitely worth consideration when looking for a long-term shaver that will provide consistent results.

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